In the music of Morphelia the sounds of bands of the 70's combine with new and modern elements.
Dream images are woven into the atmospheric soundscapes and take the listener on a journey.

News from 08.08.2012:

Hello Folks!

On September 28th 2012 the "1. Norddeutsches Progressive Rock Festival" will take place at the Cadillac in Oldenburg, Germany. Crystal Breed, Imatra (our guitarist Guido and our singer Kurt are also members in this band), t and Morphelia will share the stage on that night. Because Morphelia can´t manage it to play this concert with full voice, Kurt, Guido and Renko from Morphelia will present a special unplugged set on that night.
Doors open will be at 18:00 h, the festival begins at 19:00 h. Tickets are available at the doors for 8,00 EUR.

We´re looking forward to meet you on that night.

Stay tuned and prog on.


Morphelia - "Waken The Nightmare"

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