Waken the Nightmare

Released in: 2009

Tracklist Disc 1:

  1. Walk Through The Park
  2. The En-Trance (From The Outside Coming In)
  3. Hunt In The Hall
  4. In The Captain's Room
  5. Never-Ending Steps
  6. Blue Chamber
  7. 365 Windows (From The Inside Looking Out)
  8. Mirror Labyrinth (Lost In The Way)
  9. From The Room Of Silence

Tracklist Disc 2:

  1. Imaginos (A Taste Of Evil)
  2. On The Roof (A Taste Of Freedom)
  3. In The Hall Of Stormy Oceans
  4. The End Is The Beginning Of The End (From the Inside Coming Out)

Total running time: 117:15 minutes



Released in: 2003


  1. Midnightsun
  2. Love Of An Old Man
  3. Hazard
  4. A Winters Tale
  5. It’s Time For A Change
  6. Dream Of Jerusalem
  7. The Russian Fail
  8. Virginhood’s End

Total running time: 72:27 minutes

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