Back into the year 1999. Three young musicians of the eastfrisian music scene - guitar player Guido Froehlich and keyboard player Guenter Gruenebast from the former progressive-rock band "PEACOCK" from Norden and Elmar de Groot from Kleinheide on drums meet to have a jam session.
Froehlich and Gruenebast alrady have been playing SAGA-oriented progressive-rock with "PEACOCK" for almost 15 years, while de Groot was playing in a few local bands. With changing bass-players the band worked out their own sound. Now there were four musicians but still no name. the sound should be progressive but also heavy, influenced by bands like DREAM THEATER or SAGA.

In march 2001 a singer joined the group - meanwhile shrinked to three members. His name was Kurt Stwrtetschka, always being a progressive rock fan he became a full member and finally (and afer long discussions and lots of coffee) the band had a name: MORPHELIA.
Finally a proper bass player was found - more or less over private contacts - with years of band and stage experience and open-minded for progressive rock.

Meanwhile and with great success the first album called "Prognocircus" was introduced to the audience on the 2nd may of 2003 at 'Meta' in Norddeich. Further presentations followed in different local radio stations, among other things a one-hour interview.

Right now the band is working on new material for the next concept-album.

The debut-album "Prognocircus" got very positive reviews in the local and international press in the last four years.
The successor-album is now only a few steps away and is expected to be released in spring 2009.